What, how and why Sunday Capital invests in small and medium businesses

About Us

We offer you breathing space.

Sunday Capital is a group of experienced business people based in various U.S. states who are interested in preserving value for the lifeblood of the economy: small and medium businesses (SMBs). These companies were built on years of entrepreneurial ingenuity and perseverance and they form the backbone of our communities and our great country. They hold families’ futures in their assets and they employ people for many years, often treating employees as an extension of the family. We each have families too and we live in communities where the best businesses in town are the local ones, run by people like us: staying true to their values,  believing in what they do, and wanting to contribute.  

SMB owners build a base of loyal customers and a dedicated staff that generally deliver great customer service. We want to preserve that. We want to keep your brand and your personal imprint on what you have built over the years of your life. 

Why do business owners come to us? Often it’s because they want to spend more time with their families, and they want to have time for themselves to do the things that make them feel vital. We named the company Sunday Capital because everyone deserves a day of rest, a time to contemplate, relax, play, and enjoy life outside of work.

Sometimes the younger generation cannot or will not take over when their parents want to retire. We can be a “safe pair of hands” to take the reins, so you don’t have to simply close the doors.

What we do: we will consider all requests for investment, mergers, and acquisitions from U.S. companies meeting the following criteria: Operating at least 5 years (but we especially seek older businesses whose owners are wanting out, either fully or partially due to life stages such as retirement, health issues, or pursuing other ventures); revenue (sales) between $1 million and $5 million; with 5 or more employees.  The business may be healthy or it may be struggling. We can also help turnaround companies on the brink of insolvency.

Furthermore, for owners of healthy companies with profit between $1 – $5 million and no debt, who are seeking to exit in 3-5 years, we will introduce you to an exciting and very lucrative exit plan. 

Every deal is unique, just like every business is unique. We are not a private equity firm and we don’t operate like any other investor you know. We listen to you to understand what is most important to you, your family, and any other shareholders. Our offer will be multi-faceted and based on your needs and wants. For example, do you want to walk away immediately to take care of other aspects of your life, or do you want to stay in the business for a period of time? There is no one-sized fits all solution that we bring. You will find that we are flexible, nimble, and we like to move expediently to get you answers. We don’t bring in lawyers and accountants to drag out the process. You the business owner will work directly with us, the investors. Call us.

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